With over 1.96 billion people around the world using social media, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of marketing teams and companies have made Facebook advertising a key part of their strategy. If you’re a new business looking to speed up growth and grab a share of the market or an existing brand hoping to improve your marketing strategy, these Facebook advertising tips will help you get results.

  1. Know your goals

Before throwing adverts together and setting a budget for Facebook and hoping for the best, it’s important to devise a plan and outline the specific outcomes that you want from your advertising campaign. Whether you’re looking to improve website traffic figures or increase Facebook page likes, it’s important to know your goals. The platform will help you with this to some extent by asking you what your objective is when you first begin to set up a new ad campaign.

  1. Start with the basics

For companies new to the Facebook advertising process, it can seem quite complicated deciding where to start. Be sure to take it one step at a time and start by aiming for increased page likes in order to build your social media presence.

  1. Facebook Offers

If you’re looking to promote a specific product, service or event, Facebook Offers allows you to create targeted ads that provide consumers with discounts or special offers if they complete the process through Facebook.

  1. Focus on apps

In a rapidly growing digital market, the majority of time spent on Facebook is done through the mobile app. This means that if you’re hoping to take advantage of Facebook advertising, you should think mobile first.

  1. Give a clear call to action

It’s important to create engaging and organic content that will grab the attention of social media users and Facebook browsers, but it’s vital that you include a clear call to action so that consumers know where to go. A simple get in touch can work wonders but, you can also be more direct with a CTA like buy now or download now.

  1. Get help

If you’re unsure of the best way to create your Facebook advertising campaign or if you haven’t been seeing positive results, it can be beneficial to seek the help of a specialist marketing team or creative branding agency.

Promote deals

  1. Promote deals

If you have a product that you’re proud of or you have a special deal that you feel consumers should know about, be sure to make it known through your Facebook advertising campaign. Consider Facebook-only deals to increase social ad conversions.

  1. Sponsored stories

When companies create stories on Facebook to promote their brand or product, they can often get buried in the haystack of other posts. Investing in sponsored stories and boosted posts will improve the likelihood of your brand standing out.

  1. Use images

It can be hard grabbing the attention of users on such a vibrant platform as Facebook. Using bright and captivating images can help your adverts stand out in the sea of colourful posts and viral videos. Try A/B testing of your image selection to ensure you’re making the best choice.

  1. Use targeted adverts

Facebook has an excellent demographic targeting function so it can help to be armed with your audience personas when you create your campaign. You can give specific criteria such as job title, location, gender, age, interests and hobbies.