Abandoned shopping carts are a challenge that plagues online retailers across all industries and the e-cig sector is no different. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to reduce the number of consumers that don’t complete their order.

Across all industries around 60% of shopping carts are abandoned for a variety of reasons. In some cases, consumers are simply browsing but there are causes for shopping cart abandonment that you can eliminate. With the right order processes, remarketing and CRO tactics in place, you can make the most of your vape advertising and convert more of the leads it generates.

Here are our three ways to reduce your abandoned cart numbers as a vaping brand.

  1. Remove last minute surprises

Your vape advertising plays a key role in the number of shopping carts that are abandoned. Surprises, especially those that mean paying out more money, will quickly turn your potential customers off. Top reasons for failing to follow through with an order are shipping costs being more than expected or the shipping time being too long. With clear, transparent messages it’s a confusion you can remove from across your vape site.

If you offer free, quick shipping make it a selling point across your vape advertising, from site banners to display ads. If it’s something your customers need to pay for, make sure the prices are displayed throughout the shopping experience so customers know exactly what they should expect to pay.

  1. Enable guest checkout and make it fast

Making customers register for an account before they can buy is certainly useful for retail businesses. It allows you to create an effective database of leads to tap into when you launch your next marketing campaign. But it’s an aspect that can put many customers off. The thought of filling in forms, giving out personal information, and receiving frequent marketing emails is enough to make some consumers leave your site. The solution here is to allow guest checkout – but remember to stress the benefits of signing up.

While we’re focussing on checking out, make it fast. No one wants to spend their time going through numerous pages to make a purchase. A streamlined, efficient checkout can significantly reduce your abandoned carts. Be sure your checkout process and cart is also mobile friendly and can be completed easily on a mobile device.

  1. Save carts and follow up

While some shoppers browse your site with the intention of making a purchase, many are simply browsing and using the cart as a tool to add up the final cost. Around a quarter of consumers that leave their carts intend to return. Incorporating a save cart feature can help you reduce the number of people that don’t return at all. For shoppers that need a nudge, a follow up email can be just what they need and it should form part of your vape advertising plan.

Send your leads a quick email a day or so after they abandoned their cart, letting them know it’s still there waiting for them. Letting them view the items and adding a call to action can tip the scales in your favour. If you’re really keen to attract them back a discount code will sweeten the deal.