Vaping might be a relatively new phenomenon but it’s one that’s growing fast. In the last year the value of the industry has soared, a trend that’s not expected too slow down anytime soon. Yet vape companies face tough challenges with a highly competitive environment and restrictions on advertising, making clever marketing an essential.

Make sure your vape marketing campaigns are ready for 2018 and beyond by making these four New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Invest in influencer marketing

The global vaping community is thriving. The digital world has become a hub for vapers around the world to share their experiences, reviews and advice. If you’re not actively tapping into this community, you could be missing the potential to reach an incredible number of vapers through your vape marketing. As with all consumer industries, there are influencers that can propel your brand to new heights and instantly put you in front of new audiences. With the right influencer behind your brand, you’ll not only raise awareness but establish a powerful reputation and foster a sense of brand loyalty.

  1. Regularly create informative, entertaining content

Building on the engaged vaping community, your business should be regularly creating content, establishing yourself as an authoritative voice in the industry. Your current vape marketing strategy likely includes publishing blogs and social media, but you need to go further.

Vaping is a fast-growing industry, putting you in a position to generate content that both informs and entertains. Firstly, you need to ensure you’re frequently creating new content through you’re established channels. You then need to look at the opportunities to expand. A handy how to style video is the ideal way to attract interested consumers new to vaping while live streaming – a top 2018 marketing trend – can help you keep the interest of existing customers, whether it’s by sharing reviews or by chatting about the next innovations to hit the vaping market.

  1. Encourage and mange reviews

Vaping has become a hugely competitive market to operate in – there are thousands of physical and digital retailers for consumers to choose from. Setting yourself apart by cultivating a stellar online reputation can help you earn more customers.

The first step is to update or create your company details on the leading review sites, ensuring that you’re accessible. You then want to encourage more customers to leave reviews, a simple request can work or you can add an incentive to really boost results. Simply receiving reviews isn’t enough though. You need to take an active role, responding to both positive and negative feedback demonstrates to vapers that you’re listening to them.

  1. Improve your organic search

In 2018, organic search will still play an important role in marketing, including for those in the vape sector. If you’re looking to attract new customers and tap into a growing audience interested in vaping, make it your mission to improve your organic search presence. That means investing time and other resources into developing an effective SEO strategy, building up content and acquiring relevant links.