Every business knows how important a blog is to their SEO rankings. But continuously coming up with fresh, original ideas can be exhausting. Luckily there are simple steps that vape businesses and firms in other industries can take to create a list of exciting and interesting blog ideas even when they’re drawing a blank.

  1. Scan the headlines and social media

Topical blogs can give your site a boost up the SEO rankings and make it more visible. When you’re struggling for ideas for your blog, take a few minutes to look through newspaper headlines and social media feeds. Is there anything that could be linked back to vaping? Can you offer an expert insight? Would your readers be interested in a particular topic?

A vape marketing blog shouldn’t be solely about your products and business but the wider market and what catches the attention of your customers. Exploring what’s topical gives you the perfect opportunity to expand and drive more traffic to you site.


  1. Look at the questions your customers are asking

Your customers are an invaluable resource when it comes to generating blog ideas that will boost your vape marketing – after all they are the people that you’re targeting. Glancing at the questions your customers are frequently asking can deliver numerous blog ideas for you to work on and you’ll know that they’ll be useful to your intended market.

For example, if you’ve received a few messages asking how you latest bit of tech works a how to guide is perfect. Or if your customers are keen to understand your PG to VG ratio, blogs looking at the difference, your manufacturing process, or what e-liquids are made of could hit the mark.

  1. Check out your competition

The vape industry is highly competitive and your rival e-cig brands will all have their own vape marketing strategy. Keeping an eye on what your competition is doing and what posts generate the most likes and comments can help you to develop stronger blog ideas that really have an impact too.

It might be tempting to simply copy their ideas and put you own spin on it, which would boost your SEO. But focus on giving your readers more and building on what’s already been written. Rather than taking their blog idea consider how you can improve it to add more value and generate leads.

repurpose content

  1. Repurpose existing content

When you’re struggling to generate new ideas, your back catalogue of existing blogs could give you just the inspiration that you need. Recycling is a great way to boost your blog output.

Of course, you can’t just simply copy and past the old blog to create a new one but you can repurpose your archives. Take a look through your old posts to see where you can provide updates, for example if you assessed vaping trends, you could look back to see how they grew, or write a sequel to a post – perfect for when something new has happened on the market.