Any successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign needs adequate keyword research in order to run smoothly, as keywords are the true cornerstone of successful PPC. There are many different ways to help make your keyword research as effective as possible – let’s take a look at some of the key elements to consider before you get started.

ppc search

  • Think like a customer

Choosing the right keywords for your new PPC campaign means having a very clear grasp on what it is your customers and visitors are searching for. Try to get into the mind of your customers; how do they search? What value can your PPC keywords convey which will make them want to click through? This will help position you to meet their unique needs, without wasting valuable keywords on irrelevant search terms or those which don’t yield as many clicks.

  • Don’t forget voice search

In an increasingly mobile search landscape, the role of voice search continues to grow, meaning there’s no way of avoiding the unique opportunities and dilemmas this new development poses for pay per click advertising. Marketers now need to consider not only how a customer will type in a search query, but how they will sound it out verbally, too. This is often a whole new challenge for those in digital marketing.

  • Be specific with your choices

Specificity at the research stage helps to ensure you make the most of your keywords. Whilst broader search terms and short tail keywords might be appealing, longtail keywords are great for voice search and also enable you to get into the details of what your customers are actually seeking, rather than simply scratching the surface. As a useful exercise to help narrow your focus, think of it as starting from the outside and working your way in – from wide-reaching search terms relating to your broader product or service area, to those which will yield real results by connecting customers with what you are actually offering.

  • Visibility is key

For those hoping to maximise the ROI of their PPC marketing campaign, ensuring visibility is absolutely paramount. Whilst it’s important to be as specific as possible with your choices, try to avoid jargon; after all, the more (relevant) people who see your ad, the better – and the more chance they will click through to make a purchase or connect with your offering in more meaningful and profitable ways.