The influence of Instagram has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It is currently regarded as the world’s most influential social marketing platform.  But how and why is Instagram so important, and how can marketers make the most of its possibilities?


  • Instagram Influencers are Big Business

The growth of social influencers has enabled a symbiotic relationship between the Insta-famous and brands big and small to develop over time. Influencer marketing buys into the current thirst for a new type of celebrity, where fans and followers are provided with frequent insights into the interests and everyday lives of their idols. Instagram stars charge set fees for teaming with companies to promote their products and services, whether via a shout-out, a hashtag, review or just being seen wearing or using the item in question. To get the best from influencer marketing via Instagram, brands should be sure to check the bulk of an influencer’s audience are real, engaged followers who are relevant to their own audience.

  • Instagram Is Great For Millennials

The instant, pictorial nature of Instagram is a big hit with a young audience, including not only millennials and ‘Generation Y’ but also the upcoming Generation Z. With a vast, responsive, engaged audience of predominantly 18-34 year olds, brands who get involved with Instagram now have the potential to reap the rewards for many years to come, enhancing their brand recall and engagement with this demographic.

  • Instagram Communities Are Highly Valuable

Building a community on Instagram might take some work, but doing so can provide tremendous results for brands with the ability to speak directly to their customer base. Engaging your users through visual content helps to strengthen the ties customers feel with your offering, and allows companies to communicate brand values as well as advertise products and services.

  • Instagram’s Potential Reach is Huge

There are over 500 million users active and engaged month-by-month on Instagram, which goes some way to explaining why it’s become so important to brands. These users share billions of photos and video content, and what’s more, they’re ready to engage with one another’s content – including that of brands they love and trust. With a worldwide audience of sharers, clever brands can leverage this vast audience to help secure sustained increased business growth for many years to come.