When it’s used correctly, Instagram is great for your digital presence. Growing your audience on Instagram can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle, but there are a few ways of accumulating real followers ready to engage with your content. We’ve gathered together our top four tried and tested methods for giving your Instagram following a boost:

  • Use The Right Hashtags

Learning how to master the power of hashtags will help you reach your desired audience with zero cost and minimal effort – ideal for busy marketers and business owners.  What’s so great about hashtags? Think of them as a kind of digital shorthand for those seeking exactly your kind of brand, product or service. For broader-based appeal, there are lots of ways to incorporate some of Instagram’s most common hashtags into your posts, as they tend to be more generic than industry/genre specific hashtag terms. Any SMO services provider worth their salt will be able to suggest hashtags based on trending topics to help you capture relevant traffic.

  • Post Frequently

Regular posts will help you stay top of mind for your existing audience and give new potential followers more opportunities to find your content and engage with it. Instagram feeds with infrequent posts tend to shed their followers fast, if they ever manage to gather an audience in the first place! When actively seeking to grow your audience, we recommend posting at least daily, with relevant content which really speaks to your target followers.

  • Use Your Other Social Accounts

Who said you couldn’t drum up a little free publicity by using some of your other social media channels to encourage engagement with Instagram? Allowing your social media accounts to support your content strategy helps build a solid social media following across these channels. Our SMO services professionals will be able to guide you in the right direction to carry this tactic out properly.

  • Exercise Quality Control

Posting frequently, using hashtags and harnessing all your social accounts is great – but it’s pretty much worthless if your content is leaving your target market nonplussed. Carefully consider the strategic value of each post, and plan in advance wherever possible to ensure a steady stream of high-quality, on-brand content. The fundamentals for a great Instagram post begin with photography – so don’t be afraid to invest time (and money where necessary) in getting this right. Monitor what works and what doesn’t by keeping an eye on which posts correspond with more followers, and you’ll be on your way to Insta-success in no time at all.