There is no doubt that despite its importance, link building is a tricky craft to master. Gaining high-quality, relevant links is often more difficult still. Relevance and authority are key markers of what constitutes a worthwhile link. This is a useful benchmark not just for ensuring your SEO is on the right track but also to give peace of mind that the time and effort put into link building will result in an influx of relevant traffic too.

Using your real-life activities to fuel backlinks may be new to you, but not to worry – we’ve compiled this quick guide with four top ways to use your day-to-day, real life interactions to generate valuable backlinks.

  1. Host an Event

Businesses of all sizes and sectors could stand to benefit from running events as a means of first-hand interaction with key figures. Other businesses, your audience and your local community could prove valuable assets from a link-building and link reputation management perspective.

Sponsorship events can help to build your local presence, and in turn have the potential to greatly enhance your local SEO. Managing events is potentially time consuming and even financially costly, but the investment will prove worthwhile if well-executed, allowing for PR opportunities and backlink-cultivating possibilities.

  1. Network More

Every professional should be networking, and key members of staff within your business should certainly be spreading the word far and wide. Networking doesn’t just help you to cultivate new business contacts and opportunities, it should also lead to chance to participate in link-building activities such as guest blogging or interviews.

  1. Take Part in a Talk

Agreeing to take part in a talk or presentation can help you build more links from relevant sources. Talks with reputable, well-known sources are useful, particularly as websites are forever seeking new video content to add to their platforms – so try and find places where your talk will be filmed, and focus on providing real value for your listeners to maximise your chances of improving your link reputation management.

  1. Help your Suppliers

Your business likely relies on a network of suppliers to keep it operational. Your own marketing plan should include some aspect of reviews and it’s probably that those businesses you work with have the same mind set. Consider helping your suppliers out with a testimonial or review for their digital channels, ensuring it links back to your own business website. The PR exposure and value you bring to your client will provide your working relationship with a boost. It’s also an easy way to build more backlinks by leveraging existing relationships.