Creating a website which converts is one of the top priorities for SEO-savvy website owners. Conversions are also the key to ensuring that the investment in your other marketing efforts pay dividends. If you aren’t converting as many visitors as you’d like, try these six quick ways to up your game.

  1. Ask For The Minimum

A commonly-deployed tactic for generating conversions involves asking your customers for a few pieces of information, usually in a form. However, it can be tempting to make these forms overly complex, which will in turn prove off-putting for even your most interested of prospects. To ensure you really optimise this stage, instead ask for as little information as possible for any ‘opt-in’ elements.  Additional information can be sourced at a later stage if required. Stick to the basics where possible such as name, email address and if relevant, phone number.

  1. Use Different Payment Options

Giving customers the chance to pay for your service or goods via PayPal or other secure online payment platforms helps alleviate any concerns they might have about disclosing their card details. Whilst you should certainly have a secure card payment gateway, adding alternatives is a great way of ensuring you don’t miss out on transactions due to perceived security risks.

  1. Test Your Landing Pages

Some companies never truly test their landing pages after the site has initially launched. After investing in SEO management to drive traffic to your site, landing page testing helps you to refine the page to make the maximum number of versions. Testing should be an ongoing process as there will always be something new you can learn and improve on. Focus initially on elements such as the page title, call to action and images and then extend your experimentation from there.

  1. Don’t Demand Registration

There are still sites which require a registration to make a purchase. However quick and simple the registration process is, this should in most cases be an optional undertaking rather than an essential one if you truly want to convert more visits to sales.

  1. Write Copy To Suit Your Audience

As a cornerstone of good SEO management, remember to match the tone of your copy to your audience, rather than expecting too much interpretation on their part. The process of visiting your site should be a straightforward, uncomplicated one for them. That means keeping language concise, using plenty of headers and making navigation from one page to the other seamless with the use of text links where appropriate.

  1. Include Reviews and Testimonials

Got a great review or a positive testimonial? Consider including a few first-hand opinions of your business. Eight out of 10 consumers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation so showcasing authentic comments or including a TrustPilot rating or similar can be a bonus for your conversion rate.