If you work as a marketing decision maker, you’ll be aware that accessing and integrating the data that you need can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. From pulling reports in different formats and importing them into spreadsheets to then sharing all of the information with stakeholders, there is a lot to think about.

You’ll be relieved to know that you aren’t alone when it comes to facing such hardships, as research has revealed that 61% of people making marketing decisions including some digital marketing agency team members also found these everyday tasks to be challenging.

Luckily, that was last year, and since then Google Data Studio has been created to take some of the pressure off and solve this problem. The dashboarding and reporting tool means that you are able to connect all your data from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Google Sheets and more and turn it into a self-updating report. Pretty nifty, right?

Well, things just got even more advanced as a new feature has recently been added to the Data Studio that is going to increase the power of sharing.

This new feature is called AdWords Data Control and comprises a number of superior elements that are sure to make it a must-have tool and one that should empower your digital marketing agency to deliver better results.

It allows you to choose your sources

Gone are the days of building separate reports for every single user and account, Adwords Data Control allows you and every other user to choose the source accounts for the data they want to see in any Data Studio report.

Monitoring the data from your business and seeing individual accounts that you find interesting simultaneously couldn’t be easier, with Data Studio allowing you to build a report and then populate the report using data from your other active accounts.
It works well for large organisations

If you operate in a large company, it’s likely that you will have a number of websites that have different brands, regions and business units. Unifying these sites may have been challenging in the past, but Data Studio makes it simple.

With the feature you will be able to build a template report, which you can then add the AdWords Data Control to and then share it with everyone that works across your organisation. Every user will be able to see their AdWords data in your curated report. Better shareability will increase productivity and will allow everyone in your team to make better decisions.
It’s easy to get started

With sample reports and templates available, it couldn’t be easier to get started with AdWords Data Control.

For more information and help with using AdWords Data Control get in touch with Icing Digital.