AdWords can be a complicated space to navigate, but thankfully there are plenty of tips and tricks available to help you improve your CTA (call to action), CPC (cost per click) and CTR (click-through rate).

Boosting your CTA

Calls to action have the power to make or break your AdWords strategy, providing the language your potential client or customer needs to find out exactly what you want them to do with the content you are providing them with. A solid call to action provides the gateway to improvements in your overall quality score through higher conversions and click-through-rates, so it is worth taking seriously. To improve your CTA, consider:

  • Does your CTA have to be a direct sales-oriented push, or can it be a subtler and less direct coercion to action? There is no reason your call to action can’t sound like a human, rather than automated sales jargon.
  • Emphasise what your customer will receive by clicking through to the page of content. Maybe they’ll receive a discount, or an e-book, or further information. Make the purpose of the CTA loud and clear.
  • Fuel the imagination of your target audience. Provide them with the sort of compelling reasoning and clear yet creative language which will lead to meaningful activity.

Improving your CPC

Lowering the cost of your CPC is a major priority for online marketers, and there are certain strategies which can help to lower the financial burden without proving detrimental to your strategy. To improve your CPC:

  • Focus on relevance when selecting keywords – you want to elevate the success of a select keyword set, rather than wasting budget on those which don’t yield results.
  • Boost your quality score over time with increased relevancy of keywords, which will in turn allow you to slowly lower your CPC bids, providing a more budget-friendly solution to your campaign.

Maximizing your CTR

Click-through-rates allow you to get your customer to the content you want them to see and engage with. Getting higher CTR is good for your company, and it’s good for Google – every time someone clicks one of your ads, Google receive payment, and you get a new visitor.  In order to make the most of this opportunity, be sure to:

  • Generate a sense of urgency – whether via a time-limited offer or a countdown timer.
  • Increase your ad visibility with ad-extensions, perhaps in the form of a review extract.
  • Remember the importance of your call to action (the first point above).

All three of these elements work in conjunction to support each other, enabling you to create superior AdWords campaigns.