As a business dealing with members of the public, there is an expectation that your vaping brand will provide easily accessed customer service. If you have a bricks and mortar store, that customer service might take the form of a customer being able to address a question or concern to a member of staff at the till or service desk.

Increasingly however, especially if you are an ecommerce retailer, it’s likely that your consumers will expect to be able to converse with you, give feedback, ask questions and access customer services socially – either via your website or via your branded accounts across platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

If your vape digital agency hasn’t put social customer service on your radar, now is the time to change things. According to a recent Forbes article, social customer care is the “latest and greatest” form of marketing. If this sounds like an advantage your own e juice digital marketing efforts could benefit from, read on to find out how you can use this trend to improve your customer’s overall experience of doing business with you.

  1. Social customer care is convenient

You only need look at the active monthly user figures that the likes of Facebook and Instagram can lay claim to (2.07 billion and 800 million respectively) to understand the popularity of social media. Many of us log into our social channels multiple times per day so the reality is, your customers are likely already using social media.

Being able to provide customer care via your social media presence significantly ups the convenience factor for your customers. Being available in a manner that suits your shoppers is a boon for any e juice digital marketing efforts. It also significantly improves the overall customer experience of your brand by removing barriers and friction.

  1. It’s a quick and easy method of feedback

As a consumer, few things are as frustrating as being placed on hold when calling a business or, having to stand in line in store. Offering customer care options via social media removes those headaches, leaving shoppers with an altogether more positive experience of your brand.

It’s much quicker and easier to send a Tweet or leave a post on a Facebook page than it is to spend half an hour on the phone or 20-minutes waiting around in store.

While this is sure to bolster your efforts to provide a positive customer experience, be aware that those shoppers who choose to connect with you in this way expect a similarly speedy response from you. That means you’ll need to allocate resources to monitor social media communications and have a process in place to ensure that comments, requests, complaints and queries do not sit unresolved and unread for long.

  1. It’s more useful and engaging

Unlike more traditional forms of customer care, social media customer service gives you the opportunity to build more meaningful relationships with those who buy from you. Engage your vape digital agency to make the most of this chance to share useful and meaningful information with your customers and further enhance their experience.

If you’re considering offering customer service via social media, it’s well worth doing your research and considering resource allocation first. Getting it wrong can be more costly than not offering it at all, so conduct a thorough audit beforehand to assess whether or not this is a practical option for your brand.