Crafting a great landing page for your radiator brand is as much science as it is art. While you will undoubtedly want to ensure that your landing page is visually attractive, there are a number of other considerations that you need to keep in mind. Read on to find out which metrics really matter and what you absolutely can’t afford to miss when it comes to the fundamentals of a high converting landing page for radiator brands.

Fundamental 1: A strong headline

If you’ve been working with an ecommerce digital marketing agency for a while, they will more than likely have drilled in to you the importance of a great headline when it comes to blog posts and emails. Did you know the same is true of your landing page? An eye-catching, attention-grabbing headline is the very first cornerstone on which your effective landing page should be built.

Don’t expect to devise the perfect headline from a standing start. This is a process of trial and error and you should be prepared for continual testing. A/B testing is the way to go here. It will allow you to serve up multiple options to a portion of your audience and then show you which one performed best. From that, you can refine and test again.

When creating your headline, focus on being clear. Conveying your offer succinctly is more likely to have the desired impact than a play on words which could mute your proposition.

Fundamental 2: A strong offer

It stands to reason that your landing page will need a very compelling offer in order to convert well. This doesn’t have to be something as obvious as buy one get one free. Creative branding is an asset here. Is there a particular property of your radiator that stands out? An offer such as “reduce your annual heating bills by 30%” is clearly more thought-provoking than “free shipping”.

While you don’t have to stick to tried and tested formulas for your offer, testing is again critical. Set up an A/B test to trial different offers and keep this running as new opportunities present themselves.

Fundamental 3: A strong call to action

A call to action is an intrinsic part of many forms of marketing, from advert copy to email sign-ups. Your landing page call to action is similarly important. Consider what action your page is geared around and then devise a CTA accordingly. Something as similar as call now is a basic starting point but, a good ecommerce digital marketing agency will be able to help you craft something that packs more of a punch. Again, you can be creative with your call to action but you still want to instil a sense of urgency to provoke the required action. Don’t forget, A/B testing is key to refining performance here too.

Fundamental 4: A great image

Humans are visual creatures and that means you need the perfect image for your landing page. The exact image will vary depending on the nature of the page – while a product shot might work for a sales page, a more creative image could perform better when encouraging people to call for a quote.