Whether your ad click through rate is higher than the industry average or languishing in the depths, improving it means you’ll deliver more traffic to your site and possibly, generate more conversions as a result.

There are a multitude of reasons why your click through rate may not be at a level that you, or your branding agency UK, deems acceptable. It could be poor account set-up to blame, perhaps a lack of regular maintenance and management or simply a failure to make use of new tools and features as they become available. Read on for easy ways that you can begin to improve your ad click through rates today, whatever your AdWords budget.

  1. Revise your advert copy

One of the most obvious places to start when you’re looking to increase your ad click through rate is with the advert itself. If an advert or advert set is failing to entice users to click through, it’s likely that it simply isn’t compelling enough.

As a first port of call, review all of your ad copy and identify opportunities where it can be improved. Look for ways to make your value proposition clearer and your offers more prominent. If content isn’t your forte, commission a branding agency UK to create new ad copy for you. Don’t forget that the job doesn’t stop when your newly worded adverts are published. You will need to monitor their performance and continue to adjust in order to build a better click through.

  1. Include a call to action

Just as a strong call to action is important for the success of your landing page or email marketing send, it’s also key to improving click throughs from PPC ads. This must be compelling. Aim to create a sense of urgency to avoid search users glancing over your ad before moving on to the competition.

  1. Review competitors too

Figuring out how you stack up against your competitors could provide plenty of food for thought. Ask your branding agency UK for help if this seems like a daunting task. Are their offers stronger than yours? Are they using ad or call extensions to stand out? What makes their adverts more enticing than your own? With this knowledge, you should be able to make the necessary adjustments to get your adverts back on track and on a par with competitors.

  1. Use available ad extensions

Google is continually rolling out new features and ad extensions. If you’re guilty of not keeping up with AdWords updates, it’s likely you’re missing out on a few easy ways to make your adverts stand out. Ad extensions give additional useful information below your advert, which could make your ad more compelling. Option include location extensions (great for attracting more local traffic), sitelink extensions, structured snippets and call out extensions – which can bring more attention to key offers such as free delivery. If you have a stellar reputation, review extensions will showcase customer trust in your brand – which in itself can lead to more click throughs.