The fashion industry is fast paced and email marketing has become a vital connection to keeping your customers in the know. But could these seven common email marketing mistakes mean that you’re not maximising the potential that it offers?

  1. Sending without testing

When you’ve created your email and crafted your content, it’s easy to just hit send. But slight changes in the wording of your subject line or a change of image can have a big impact in fashion digital marketing. A/B testing to see how you can increase your open rate and click through figures should be considered an essential part of your email marketing strategy.

  1. Not segmenting your audience

The whole of your email list might be interested in fashion but that doesn’t mean you can forgo segmenting your audience. Understanding what each customer wants and targeting your emails accordingly allows you to boost your results and limit customers deciding messages are spam. Segmenting can be as simple as splitting those interested in men’s or women’s fashion or using past purchase to identify the brands, styles or trends each consumer could be tempted by.

  1. Overlooking the value offering

As with all marketing, your fashion digital marketing should focus on the customer not you. Rather than simply showcasing your latest ranges, focus on what value it offers potential shoppers. Does it evoke the latest catwalk trends? Or perhaps it offers a way to remain stylish without giving up on comfort? Your email should be enticing.

  1. Failing to personalise

Businesses today have a whole range of tech and tools at their disposal to make personalisation effortless. It’s something that consumers have come to expect. From including their name in the subject line to featuring clothing items that match their personal style, a touch of personalisation has become a digital marketing essential. This allows you to forge better relationships with each customer.

  1. Your brand identity and personality isn’t evident

A fashion band shouldn’t be corporate. With your fashion digital marketing email campaign, you’re given plenty of opportunity to get creative. Move away from a formal tone and language to create a brand identity and personality that your customers will connect with. It can help you to establish a loyal set of customers that instantly think of your brand when wanting to make a fashion purchase.

automated emails

  1. Failing to utilise automated emails

How often does your brand use automated emails as part of your fashion digital marketing? They’re a simple way to keep in touch with customers and deliver an exceptional customer experience without having a significant impact on your resources. Customers like to be kept up to date with the order, so personalised, automated transactional emails that confirm orders, let them know when it’s dispatched, and follow up asking for feedback should form part of your wider strategy.

  1. Not assessing your statistics

Just as important as sending out marketing emails is looking back over the statistics. From how many people opened your message to the percentage that generated sales, the data you gather offers invaluable insights. With the right information at your fingertips you’ll be able to make better decisions on content and what products to feature.