For any ecommerce brand, the lead up to the holiday season is a critical period and one rich with possibilities to make more sales and drive up revenue. However, for fashion brands, the holiday season is particularly important thanks to holiday parties, special events and occasions such as New Years Eve to capitalise on. Post Christmas, there’s also the traditional New Year’s sales period when shoppers head online in their droves to pick up a bargain.

Of course, competition is fierce and shoppers know how to make their funds go further. So, how can you put your fashion marketing agency London to work and generate more sales for your fashion store at this time of the year?

  1. Go social

Social media is a particularly important channel for fashion brands at this and other times of the year. As fashion is such a visual medium, employing social media marketing across platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest is key. Use your social media presence to showcase your offerings and be ready with rich imagery that presents your apparel in a suitably seasonal light.

If you haven’t yet tried social media advertising, now is a great time to instruct your fashion digital marketing agency to get started. If you set up a Facebook ad campaign, you’ll also have the option to advertise on Instagram – take it.

  1. Try influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can work particularly well for fashion brands. If you have worked with influencers previously with good success, refresh those working relationships and approach the same bloggers or social media stars to partner with you on a seasonal influencer marketing campaign.

Don’t feel like you have to focus just on Christmas here. Be smart and also consider the New Year, perhaps tapping into new trends resolutions to give your campaign more longevity.

  1. A/B test landing pages and emails

It’s never too late to carry out A/B testing. This is an invaluable means of refining your content to find the best possible mix of messages, content and imagery to maximise sales. Instruct your fashion digital marketing agency to A/B test key landing pages and don’t be afraid to tweak your product descriptions either to increase conversions as you go along. With A/B testing, only one thing should be changed at once, such as the main image, the headline, the call to action or the special offer. Use specialist software to carry out your testing and it will give you an analysis of the results, making it the work of minutes to upgrade your page and serve a better performing version to visitors.

Apply the same philosophy to emails too. If you use an email marketing program such as MailChimp you can carry out A/B tests to refine subject lines, contents and images on a small section of your mailing list before rolling out an optimised version to your entire database.