The world of AdWords extensions remains elusive for some online marketers, so we’ve compiled this quick guide to understanding what AdWords ad extensions are, and when you’ll need to use them.

What is an Ad Extension?

Ad extensions are those extra pieces of information which you can incorporate into your AdWords adverts, helping to encourage more clicks and meaningful interactions with your ads. They can include aspects such as your contact details, ratings or geographical location, and are available as either automatic or manual extensions.

Manual and Automated Extensions – what’s the difference?

A manual extension is defined as elements which you can input yourself – such as the ability to call your workplace, see reviews, link to a specific page or arrange a visit. A reputable PPC agency will be able to guide you through identifying the difference and selecting the correct choice for your needs.  Automated extensions include ratings from customers and social media pages. While automatic extensions grab data from different sources and create the ad, manual extensions allow for more control over what is seen – giving you more power to sway the messaging.

Benefits of Ad Extensions

Companies using ad-extensions are reported to enjoy a 10-15% increase in their click-through rate, according to data from Google. In addition, the added space gives you the chance to really ‘sell’ a specific aspect of your business, or encourage activity beyond simply viewing the ad itself. The crucial aspect of ad extensions is that the ads are considered to become more appealing to your target audience – and their customisable nature means you have a unique space beyond your advert text to really sell the benefits of your business and provoke action from your potential customers.

When To Use Extensions

Ad extensions are ideal for any time you want to add more information and help prompt interaction with those seeing your ad. Whilst a PPC agency can help guide you in the right direction and ensure they are used correctly, extensions are there to provide those valuable channels of communication and detail which simply do not otherwise fit within your Google ads.

Creating Quality Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are only as good as they are relevant and targeted. Whilst it could be tempting to include a vast amount of information, if this information provided is of no interest to your target audience, then this space is effectively wasted. Optimising your extensions therefore makes infinite sense from a business and SEO-led perspective.