Google has encouraged more of its advertisers to consider making universal app campaigns a part of their regular AdWords activity. The search engine says that the modern consumer expects to get what they need instantly and with no fuss. It says that oftentimes, it’s an app that delivers the solution to this demand.

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are, the search engine says, a reliable means of reaching those ‘want it now’ consumers at the moment in which they are ready to take action. If your brand consultancy London hasn’t already suggested using Universal App Campaign as part of your paid search activity, you may be missing out on a valuable means of driving more targeted traffic to your site.

Advertisers who set up a Universal App Campaign will be able to define a set of business goals. Google will then use machine learning technology to find customers who match those goals across its range of web properties including the Display Network, YouTube Google Search and Google Play.

Advertisers who have already made the move to integrate Universal App Campaigns typically see more customers and reach more of the business goals they set, according to Sissie Hsiao, VP of Product, Mobile App Advertising at Google.

The VP shared a number of examples of AdWords users who have made the switch to Universal App Campaigns with strong results. US games maker, Pixelberry says its use of Universal App Campaigns generated a 4 x increase in scale by allowing it easier access to app users around the world. It consequently became one of the USA’s top grossing apps.

Universal App Campaigns was also used by Wordscapes, a brain teasing game developed by PeopleFun to find more active players. It partnered with a company called Incipia on its Universal App Campaign foray, and used images and vertical videos to create engaging ads. The result? PeopleFun reports that it superseded its goals, acquiring users with a 60% higher retention rate than its original seven day goal.

Universal App Campaigns don’t just work for games. Another example shared by Sissie Hsiao is that of finance app, Bamboo Change. It used Universal App Campaigns as part of its AdWords advertising to grow its LTV users. It also generated over 12,000 new in-app registrations.

There are many ways a creative brand consultancy London could implement Universal App Campaigns for your brand. Whether you want to drive awareness, reach new customers, generate more in-app registrations or retain users, it’s worth considering how this form of AdWords advertising can integrate with your existing paid search efforts.

If you haven’t yet used Universal App Campaigns, get in touch with Icing Digital to find out how we can assist.