When it comes to creating copy for AdWords, there are several key factors to take into consideration to ensure the largest number of high quality clicks and genuine engagement with your ads.

Remember Your USP

Remember what it is that truly makes your service or product unique, and ensure this is communicated clearly through the copy in your AdWords ads. Highlight your unique proposition by paying close attention to the benefit your service provides or the experience it can give a potential customer.

Use a CTA

A call to action is an absolute necessity for good AdWords copy. Those searching for your content need to know what they’ll get if they click – and this is only truly achievable with a strong CTA. You are one of many research results when a potential customer sees your ad copy, so you need to make the most of this opportunity to stand out.

Don’t Be Generic

Specificity is key to writing great copy in AdWords. As a cornerstone of bid management, you should be seeking to provide as much information as possible without becoming overly wordy. You want your ad to deliver the correct message to your users, so try to avoid generic terms and focus on the specifics of your product within your ads. If focusing on multiple services, compelling ads can be crafted by creating different advert groups and keeping the copy specific for each of those demarcated segments.


Remember Your Keywords

In the rush to create compelling copy, don’t forget about your selected keywords. You can still be creative whilst ensuring accurate PPC management, but don’t allow creativity to overtake the necessities of your ads. Keywords are crucial for ensuring those searching for your service see your ad, and can interact with it meaningfully. Use your keywords in your headline and description for the largest chance of being found during searches.

Match to Your Landing Page

There should be some degree of similarity between the copy used in your AdWords ads, and the copy which greets your browsers once they click and reach your landing page. If not, you risk potential conversions being lost as your prospects scour your webpage for precisely the offer they saw presented in your ad copy. A great AdWords campaign matches up with the rest of your digital content rather than turning away possible customers by being too vague, generic or unfocused.