There’s a new buzzword in the world of marketing; micro moments. Combining this mobile marketing milestone with carefully planned strategies to deliver results can help businesses across a range of industries.

But what are micro moments and how can you use them to drive your 2018 digital activity forwards to better results?

In the past, marketing and advertising has focused on creating content, launching ads, delivering offers, emails, push notifications, and many other direct ways to capture the attention of the intended audience. But with so much competition, consumers are being bombarded with marketing efforts. Micro moments offer a potential, natural solution for businesses to connects with customers.

So, what is a micro moment?

The term was coined by Google and refers to the moments that people reflexively reach for their device to act on an impulse. These moments shape decisions, giving your business an opportunity to capitalise on them. According to Google, there are four basic micro moments:

  • I want to know moments
  • I want to go moments
  • I want to do moments and
  • I want to buy moments – when people will instantly seek a solution.

But why does this matter now?

Firstly, while other marketing efforts still have their place, micro moments build on a consumer’s desire to find, learn, or buy something instantly, presenting you with a small window of opportunity. When a micro moment occurs, the consumer is already interested in what they’re searching for, making them a high value lead.

The average smartphone user spends over four and a half hours a day on their device, with an estimated 150 micro moments occurring. This is a figure that’s growing.

Being there in a relevant micro moment gives you the potential to have a greater impact and establish an effective presence. Working with a branding agency London to develop a strategy that makes your brand visible and relevant in the dozens of micro moments that occur each day is the first step to growing your sales.

How to use micro moments to further your marketing

Now you know that micro moments are and why you should be taking advantage of them, it’s time to implement a strategy that lets you tap into their potential. As a branding agency London, here are our top three suggestions for making the most of those vital seconds:

  • Anticipate what your customers want – Your customer personas play an important role in maximising micro moments, helping you to understand what they’re likely to be looking for. Part of your marketing strategy should involve assessing what your customers will want and offering it to them in bitesize chunks they can digest in seconds. Analysing mobile-centric searches can help you identify the places to start.
  • Don’t focus solely on sales – While some micro moments are about purchasing, many aren’t. As a result, your key focus should be to be useful. Make it your goal to provide users with the answers they’ve been looking for. Of course, you should include a call to action where necessary too.
  • Ask you customers – A simple survey can really help focus your micro moment efforts and tailored them to suit your exact target market. Ask them when and why they visit your site or search for more information to understand how to hone into their micro moments.