In recent years, more companies and brands have realised the benefits of guest blogging campaigns and have used them to increase traffic and improve customer engagement.

The vaping industry is growing rapidly but, there are restrictions on advertising, which means it’s increasingly important for vaping firms to promote themselves effectively and stay competitive using other methods.

Free backlinks and exposure are just some of the benefits that come with setting up a guest blogging campaign as part of your e cig advertising strategy. Here are some of the key things to consider before you give a guest blogging plan the green light.

What are your target blogs?

Preparation is the most important part of devising your guest blogging campaign and a key part of that is researching the market and deciding on the types of blogs that you will aim to publish content with. It’s important that you invest a lot of time into searching for blogs that will generate a robust ROI for your spend – and key to that is doing your research about the audience of each blog you’ve short listed. While it’s natural to search out vaping blogs, consider your audience – you want to work with guest bloggers that have the ear of your own consumers or target consumers, in order that your guest blog spend results in confirmed orders and new brand fans.

For example, if your e liquid marketing campaign is aimed towards people aged 20-30, it makes sense that the blogs you shortlist focus on this demographic too.

Are you creating relationships?

Getting your content published in an external blog is great, especially if that blog has a large and loyal readership. However, guest posting on a regular basis is much more beneficial. The aim of a guest blogging campaign should be not only to create a hit blog but to create lasting industry links that are mutually beneficial. By ensuring that your blog posts are top quality and there is a good response from readers, there’s more chance that your content will be welcomed back by bloggers. This will allow you to release regular content through an increased number of channels, thereby widening your e liquid marketing campaign.

Is your content useful?

If you’re to have any hope of getting your blog posts and articles published on external blogs, it’s vital that your content is interesting and useful so, the planning stage should really consider how you can add value and produce useful, informative and educational pieces rather than create a sale. You are essentially receiving free marketing when your content is posted on another blog which means that the host site will expect posts that serve a purpose or provide something worthwhile for its readers. The vaping industry is vast and diverse which means you shouldn’t have trouble finding topics but be sure to think about the audience of each blog individually when shortlisting topics. The more tailored your approach, the better the outcome.