Google AdWords is a powerful marketing tool to drive traffic and the latest additions to the PPC platform give you even more capabilities. When deployed correctly, the four new key features can not only be used to increase click through rates but they can also be used to help drive up the conversion rate too.

Recognising that consumers are more impatient than ever, the latest Google AdWords features reflects the growing mobile first market. They give you a chance to capture you target market as they reach for their phone during micro moments, searching for information or a product. With the support of PPC services London, businesses across a range of sectors can utilise the newest features at their disposal to innovate and lift their campaigns.

So, what are the four features that you should be exploring now?

Highlighting deals and promotions

It should come as no surprise that consumers love to find a bargain. But did you know that, according to Google, seven out of ten shoppers look for sales and discounts before they even visit your shop front? One of the new look AdWords’ additional options gives you a way to attract these consumers. The just launched promotion extensions allow you to effortlessly add and update your best deals, appearing beneath your usual AdWords content. It’s a clear call to action for those consumers keen to secure the most for their money. It can also create a sense of urgency, meaning customers are more likely to click through, driving up traffic and conversions.

Testing variations for maximum impact

A/B testing is likely to already be part of your marketing campaign and the new ad variations feature takes this a step further. Small changes can have a big impact. This function makes it simple to tweak numerous ads in minutes and delivers statistics to provide data you can then base decisions on. Working with a firm specialising in PPC services London can help craft the content that drives results through careful testing and monitoring.

Custom intent audiences

If you know that you offer products or services that are in demand but are failing to gain the traffic you need, custom intent audiences for the Google Display Network could be your answer. It aims to make it simple for you to reach audiences who are searching for specific products to buy. With performance estimates shown for each campaign, reaching a new audience could be within your grasp. This is a great way to find shoppers who are similar to your existing customers, helping to make your budget work harder across your AdWords campaign.

Opportunities page

Do you ever wonder if you’re getting the most out of Google AdWords as possible? The new opportunities page provides you with actionable recommendations, insights, and best practices designed to help you increase the results of each PPC campaign. With a clear overview of your accounts, it’s now simpler to optimise for results.