If you’re an ecommerce business with a local presence, there are so many different aspects of SEO to consider it can hard to know where to focus your attention to deliver the best return on investment. While a holistic approach is essential, we’ve identified the key areas that can deliver the best results for your business, ensuring you get the most out of your time and resources.

By analysing data sets from over 100 cities across a range of different factors, a new study has revealed the best local ecommerce SEO services for you to invest in. With the right strategy in place, you should appear in more local search results including the prevalent ‘near me’ mobile searches, driving more targeted traffic to your website and bricks and mortar location.

When you look at the results of the local SEO study, it’s clear that there’s one SEO stream that has the potential to have the biggest impact – reviews.

All the top ten factors were related to reviews in some way. So, how can your business capitalise on this and make sure you benefit from the reviews left for your business?

  1. Encourage more reviews

The number of reviews your business has in total has a direct impact on how you rank in SEO terms. A high number of reviews indicates that your business is established with a high volume of customers, suggesting that consumers will be interested in your site. You can’t simply build up a backlog of reviews though, the average weekly and monthly reviews you receive play a role too. Consistently encouraging your customers to visit review sites to leave their feedback is well worth your time and adding an incentive can help you quickly meet your goals.

  1. Respond to all reviews that are left

Responding to reviews can seem like a time-consuming task but it’s one that you should include in your SEO activities. Not only does it build brand loyalty, reputation and engagement it improves your local SEO performance too. A quick thank you message to the positive reviews can have a big impact. Don’t forget to respond to negative messages too, ignoring them can see your local SEO suffer.

keyword use

  1. Encourage keyword use

This one is a bit trickier to improve. Reviews that use your keywords or mention your locations are the top two local SEO factors according to the study. Consistently using certain terms in your marketing can help customers to subconsciously use certain words and phrases when they think of your business.

Of course, it wasn’t just reviews that were flagged as an SEO factor that really mattered to gaining your business more local attention. Other top ecommerce SEO services to focus on include backlinks with your city in the location text, using photos, ensuring your pages have enough written content to index, balancing keyword density and optimising meta data.

Don’t forget also to follow general SEO best practise, set up a Google My Business listing and be consistent with your efforts.