When it comes to social media marketing, Pinterest is an often overlooked platform. But for highly visual businesses, including those in the fashion industry, it’s a powerful tool that has the power to turn browsers into buyers. The image focused platform lends itself perfectly to fashion brands, where visual aesthetic is crucial to differentiation and to creating consumer desire.

If your fashion brand is focusing on platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram and has overlooked Pinterest for some reason, it could well be missing out on a host of sales opportunities. What’s more, Pinterest has recently launched a wave of new visual search functions which when used correctly, can create further engagement, click throughs and conversions.

Fashion marketing relies on visuals. You can still use Twitter and Facebook to grow an audience and share images but the platforms that focus on photographs give you a real opportunity to create results. Pinterest introduced its new visual discovery tools at the beginning of 2016, identifying what something is and how it can fit into each user’s life. The new capabilities just rolled out take this principle one step further.

Here are the three of a handful of new functions that make Pinterest an essential fashion marketing tool. If you haven’t yet got your Pinterest marketing on point, use these new tools as an incentive to spend some time getting to know the platform and its capabilities.

Lens Your Look

Deigned specifically for inspiring new outfits, the Lens Your Look tool is ideal for fashion businesses. Lens Your Look lets users add a photo of their fashion items to their text search to generate ideas that they can try themselves. It’s the ideal way for fashion firms to show they’re creative, on trend, and create selling links for their fashion pieces and accessories. With the right photographs, Lens Your Look can generate a following of fashionistas that are keen to get the most out of their wardrobe.


Shop the Look is already a feature that’s highly used in Pinterest, allowing its users to find the fashion they want to wear from more than 16 billion style. The newest addition, ShopStyle, brings over 5 million shoppable products across 25,000 brands. Being part of the addition lets you show which products in your images can be shopped now, generating traffic and interest. It’s a fashion marketing technique that instantly connects leads with a place to purchase.

Responsive visual search

Accessing the internet through mobile devices is becoming more popular than ever. Recognising that over half of online traffic now comes from smartphones or tablets, Pinterest has made its visual search function part of its responsive design. Shoppers on mobile devices will now be able to get the same immersive, visual search experience as those on non-mobile devices. What does that mean for fashion businesses? It gives you an incredible opportunity to reach customers and make a sale even when they’re on the go, tapping into the lucrative micro moments trend.