Every year there’s one marketing method that becomes the key factor in delivering success. Social media, PPC, and other marketing techniques are still important but video is set to be crucial over the next 12 months.

Despite recognising the importance of video, it’s a tool that many a digital marketing agency is failing to fully optimise. A recent survey conducted by video marketing platform Innovid, found that just 6% of marketers considered their brands to be innovators in video. However, almost 80% stated they will be increasing their video advertising over 2018, with the aim of building stronger relationships with viewers and customers.

The appetite for embracing video marketing is clear among businesses and marketing professionals, so, what’s holding them back? The survey identified three key reasons.

  1. Budget

Funding is being viewed as the major factor in why marketers feel as though they can’t make waves in the video market. Almost eight in ten marketers aim to up their spend over 2018 in a bid to create video content that deliver results. However, the research also indicated that there’s some misinformation as to how much customised video adverts cost. Some 45% believed they couldn’t deliver a video into hundreds of variants without running up a bill of less than $20,000.

Video is becoming far more cost efficient, making it a viable option to even small businesses. Working with a full service digital marketing agency, means that creative, unique, and on brand content is created at more affordable prices.

  1. Lack of in-house expertise

Over a third of companies currently rely on a digital marketing agency to deploy all of their video content. A lack of in-house skills means that firms are failing to get the most out of what video can offer their marketing strategy. Handing over full control to an outside party for content that needs to consider brand, style, and audience can be a daunting prospect. But with the right digital marketing agency on board, it is possible to create videos that live up to expectations and deliver results, even when in-house skills are inadequate.

  1. Prioritisation

Marketing in the digital age can seem like a juggling act – with so many different aspects to consider at all times. As a result, video is being left down the list of priority marketing tasks when it should be rising to the top. Video creation does take time and investment. However, it can also generate other content, from social media posts to SEO and blogs.