The Challenge

Boasting a prestigious collection of luxury-focused hotels across Central London, the Montcalm Group wasn’t maximising the total revenue possible from its online presence (and, therefore, from its overall business) because it was dependent on third-party online travel agencies (OTAs) to bring in bookings to each of its properties. What was needed was an overhaul of its online offerings to drive up its bookings and increase its bottom-line revenues.

The Objectives

  • Booking engine – implement our Booking Direct service to handle the hotels’ reservations via their own websites
  • Affiliate marketing – expose and promote the Montcalm brand (and that of its properties) to potential bookers through affiliate publishers
  • Meta search, social media and video marketing – enact aggressive campaigns so potential bookers are driven to and discover each hotel’s profile page
  • SEO – via search engine optimisation, optimise the individual websites to ensure they rank as highly as possible in online search results when visitors input relevant keywords
  • PPC – via pay-per-click advertising, generate display- and remarketing-campaigns to dramatically increase traffic to the client’s various websites.