The Challenge

Offering high-quality accommodation for visitors to London, the Park Grand Hotels group had enormous potential to maximise its bookings; but, owing to a reliance on online travel agencies (OTAs) to supply visitors, each of the group’s hotels was missing out on the chance to drive up its own bookings, cut out the ‘middle man’ and boost its bottom-line profits. Our task was to dramatically increase the group’s online bookings.

The Objectives

  • Introduce a reliable, effective and versatile booking engine to expertly handle the group’s reservations on each hotel’s individual website
  • Establish an online affiliate marketing presence and use this to consistently expose, promote and maintain the Park Grand Hotel brand via an ever-increasing number of affiliate publishers
  • Ensure numerous visitors discover each of the group’s property profile pages thanks to an aggressive meta search campaign and successful social media and video marketing
  • Optimise each of the hotels’ websites, via search engine optimisation (SEO), to get them ranking at the top of online search results according to most relevant keywords and, via pay-per-click advertising (PPC), create display- and remarketing-campaigns to boost website traffic.