Operating within an increasingly saturated and digitalised global market can make it difficult for brands to gain recognition and engage with consumers. New companies and startups can find it particularly difficult to create effective marketing campaigns which promote their content efficiently and draw visitors to site.

There are now more ways than ever for you to promote your content in digital markets with paid promotions. Your ecommerce digital agency should have its finger on the pulse when it comes to paid promotions but, if you haven’t considered these methods for boosting your content you could be missing a trick.

social media sharing

Social media ads

It’s no secret that social media platforms such as Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter have become hugely influential. In fact, there are currently more than 1.96 billion social media users across the world and this figure is expected to rise to 2.5 billion by 2020. Organic reach, especially on Facebook, is declining which means only a small percentage of your audience will ever see your posts, unless you invest in a content promotion strategy. Consider boosting posts and using paid advertising to extend the reach of your stronger content pieces. For ecommerce brands, especially fashion, beauty, fitness and travel, Instagram is hugely relevant. Consider adding a shop my Instagram feed or research promoted pins on Pinterest.


Getting a number one spot in the SERPs is a lengthy process – this means you could be waiting months for your content pages to rank highly using SEO. To bridge the gap in the meantime, a targeted AdWords campaign to promote that content should be considered. 41% of social marketers are already using AdWords to increase traffic and we expect this figure to grow over the next 12 months. You shouldn’t use AdWords to extend the reach of all of your content but, for those pieces you have invested extra time and resources in, such as white papers and ebooks, this is a useful strategy to drive up ROI and build audience figures.

Micro influencers

Micro influencers are online personalities that have gained a specific following, usually through social media and within a specific industry or niche market. Usually operating on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, micro influencers can be used to reach very specific sub-sets of your audience demographic. Typically, you’d engage with them to promote a specific piece of content relevant to a small chunk of your target consumers.

Sponsored blogs

Blogging has become a hugely influential form of online media in recent years with more than 440 million blogs currently active online. More people than ever are turning to blogs to seek advice and look for recommendations on everything from health and fashion to travelling and marketing advice. Consider sponsored blogs and guest blogging opportunities to tap into new audiences and extend the reach of your content. You can also try this strategy in reverse too, and pay an influencer blogger in your field to post on your own blog and then promote to their own audience to drive new visitors to your site.