Guest blogging offers an array of benefits to the professional blogger. Here’s our handy guide to ensuring you make the most of your guest blogging opportunities.

Define the guest blogger role

In order to truly maximise the impact of your guest blogging strategy and build your audience, you need to carefully define what it is you expect of your guest bloggers and why it is you are incorporating them in the first place.

For individual bloggers or those with a smaller editorial team, guest blogging offers the chance to decrease the burden and outsource a vital aspect of content marketing. It also gives you the opportunity to gain a variety of different voices and perspectives on topics pertinent to your audience, which would in turn increase your engagement. Guest blogging even provides you with a steady stream of contributors ready to tell the world about your blog, which is an added bonus!

Remember to be selective

Choose your guest bloggers with care. Depending on the popularity of your blog, you could find yourself inundated with offers – but that doesn’t mean you need to take all of them on. Try to work with guest bloggers who spark your interest and seem to be bringing something fresh to the table. Done right, guest blogging has the potential to build your audience – but done wrong, the work your bloggers produce will simply get lost in a web of so-so content.

Outline your expectations

A guest blogger should always know what’s expected of them. This could encompass everything from the basics like editorial deadlines to any keywords which are expected for inclusion. If you need your bloggers to format their posts in a set style, this should also be explained at the outset to avoid time wasted on rewrites and edits. You could even provide your guest bloggers with an example blog for an indication of the quality standards you need them to uphold, or create a style guide for added clarity.

Arrange topics in advance

Make sure you know what your guest blogger will be writing about by contacting them directly. Whether you are willing to let them write about a broad-based topic or want to hammer out the details prior to giving them the go-ahead, this is a way for you to maintain a degree of quality control over your own blogging strategy whilst still freeing yourself up to focus on other areas. Guest blogging doesn’t have to be stressful – but it should still be strategic, targeted and planned so as to be effective.