Email Marketing

Email marketing still is an incredibly powerful and effective way of reaching your target audience.

Our Approach

The great thing about email marketing is that you can reach target markets easily, without the need for a large budget. All you need is a mailing list and something to say! It’s a cost-effective way to reach all your existing customers, whether you want to announce the news, let them know about a promotion or simply stay in touch and maintain your relationship.

The trick is to strike a balance between interesting content and marketing material – you want your customers to look forward to reading your emails, not to redirect them straight to the junk folder.


Email marketing works best as a way to keep your audience engaged and generate sales from your existing customer base, rather than an outbound marketing tool to generate new leads.

  • Communicate directly with your customer base.
  • Versatile medium – promote sales, announce the news, or just touch base.
  • The very little budget needed to market effectively.
  • Convert existing leads for greater brand awareness.
  • B2B and customer-facing campaigns.
  • Monitor conversion, analyze, and optimize.

Our work in Email marketing involves?


Icingdigital Global Email Marketing Attempts

With power and effective email marketing Icing has made it easy for you to have the fastest and the most convenient commercial visibility. IcingDigital can help you target any section of the audience with absolute ease

Communication Made Better

With effective and workable email marketing Icing can reach a global audience fast. This way it can really speed up communication online.

Successful Conversion of Leads

With email marketing brand awareness Icing can successfully lead companies and audiences to your website and with this you can have the best conversion rate leading to business enhancement.

Having Marketing Campaigns at Low Cost

Icing has a system of low cost email marketing. This way you will be able to save cash and have more people coming to your site at the least of cost. In this case you can send lots of emails at one time and that too at a single cost.

Enhancing Brand Awareness

We are expert in matters of creating commercial awareness and that too with functional email marketing campaigns. It has the branded and the most personalized b2b email marketing campaign and this way the standard of the brand or service is automatically enhanced.

Commercializing Mode of Online Interaction

With effort and dedication Icing has made email marketing superior when compared to traditional marketing strategies. That is why we monitor conversion and analyse the funnels to make them more efficient.

Now Buying is made so Easy

With email marketing, Icing can really give way to impulse buying. This is a unique experience where you are allowed to buy things so easily with few clicks.

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