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Our Approach

We need people to talk about your brand and your content. Picture this, one person shares your post, and that is seen by many other people, and then if one of those shares the post, it carries on like that. This is not only great for your brand reputation, but it is fantastic for your SEO presence.

It’s no secret that many people are influenced into staying somewhere, or buying something, because their favourite influencer is promoting it on their blog or on their social media accounts.

But, how do you find the right influencers for your site? That’s where Digital Icing comes in!

influencer marketing

What we do?

influencer marketing


We match your business with relevant influencers. We work with them to create personalised content for their sites, and to collaborate with your business. This not only boosts your brand awareness, it drives traffic to your websites and increases your SEO presence.

Our database of influencers

Take advantage of our big database of influencers. Over the years we have collected a huge directory of influencers, so that we can match the right ones to you, to make sure that you are only collaborating on relevant content.

Getting your content to right channels

We create content that will help you with brand awareness, social media mentions and backlinks.

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