Every fashion company wants to be at the top of search engine rankings to boost their traffic but it can seem like a juggling act to increase and maintain SEO results.

Even if you are stuck for inspiration, there’s no excuse to neglect your blog or put off creating fresh new content for your website visitors to read, enjoy and share. Still not convinced? Content is one of the most powerful and most important of all SEO factors. What’s more, even if you are lacking in direction or inspiration we can help. Read on to discover our six ways you can use your blog to start delivering better results now.


Every company and fashion marketing agency seems to have a blog these days. As a tool it can help you create a connection with your audience. But are you optimising it with your SEO in mind? It’s one of the key ways to organically improve the traffic you attract and bolster your SEO rankings in what is an incredibly competitive vertical. With these six steps you can make sure that your blog is fully optimised and working harder not just to convert readers into sales but in actually attracting more of the right kind of traffic in the first place.

  1. Start with the name

A common mistake is to simply go with ‘blog’ when it comes to the title. But the first step to optimisation should start here. A fashion marketing agency can help create a title that is both creative, descriptive, and considered for SEO with relevant keywords.

  1. Target your blog posts

Your business should have a number of different customer personas to inform marketing decisions and they can be invaluable for post creation too. With each post think about who you’re targeting and what solution it’s delivering.

  1. Create links

Internal links help boost your SEO rating too. Linking together related blogs is a simple, effective way to yield results. It also creates a journey for your leads, increase time spent on site, and reducing bounce rates. Take this a step further and link to key products or product categories from your ecommerce site too.

  1. Review existing content

Continuously creating new content can be a challenge but gains can be made through reassessing. If you haven’t considered SEO when uploading blogs in the past, setting aside time to go over meta tags, titles, descriptions and images with the support of a fashion marketing agency can deliver tangible results.

  1. Don’t just focus on words

SEO of years gone by might have just mean scanning the text on your page but recognising what consumers’ want, search engine algorithms are considering other forms of communication increasingly more frequently. Using videos and image combined with descriptions that are optimised for your keywords is an essential for any fashion business, where visuals are highly important.

  1. Optimise your URL

Make your URLs both user and SEO friendly by optimising them. Firstly ‘blog’ should be included somewhere, allowing you to gather useful data and users should get an idea of each post from a glance. That means using descriptive keywords and keeping them short.