There is just no getting away from content marketing – it is the cornerstone of a host of digital marketing and sales activities, vital for pulling consumers through your sales funnel, crucial to building links and essential for SEO. It’s also important for social media and needed to build engagement. But, whether you love or loathe content marketing, it’s hard to dispute that this discipline rarely stands still.

content in 2018

As we turn the corner into 2018, a host of content marketing experts have been sharing their opinions as to what’s next. To make sure your brand marketing London team is equipped with the most cutting edge of content in 2018, read on to find out what the year’s biggest content trends are expected to be.

#1: More meaningful

Content shouldn’t be clutter. Consumers are known to disregard content that doesn’t contribute anything to their day-to-day lives. In fact, the latest Meaningful Brands study found 60% of content is considered to be poor or irrelevant by users. Despite this, 80% of consumers expect brands to create content so the desire for good quality content is high. To make sure your content marketing doesn’t fall on stony ground in 2018, resolve to create content that is meaningful. Focus on briefing your brand strategy agency London with ideas that are useful, educational, informational or entertaining.

#2: Use of different formats

No matter what your industry or business niche, there should be an opportunity to try a few different content formats next year, without sacrificing on usefulness. If you only ever create short posts, get your brand marketing London team to work on more in-depth pieces. Why not try creating an infographic and tick off the visual content trend too? Or have a piece of video content created.

You can mix and match but different formats will be huge in 2018. As you’re going to be investing more time and effort in more meaningful content, you may want to consider showcasing a single piece of content in a few different ways to get more return on your investment. A longer blog piece could also be used as the basis for a slide show, an infographic and a pod cast for example.

#3: Don’t disregard voice search

Many headlines have been taken over with the rise in voice search this year so expect this trend to seep over into content marketing in 2018. With home devices such as the Echo and Google Home becoming more popular, it’s worth considering how your brand strategy agency London can deliver voice focused content too. Handily, this will also help you tick off the use of different formats trends in one fell swoop. Another bonus of creating some content for voice search is that you’ll also get an SEO boost for those using voice assistants to perform ‘near me’ searches from mobile devices – this is, according to Google, the most popular cause of voice searches currently.